A Dark Night to Bond in Battle

The first couple nights my face felt stiff and raw, my hands sore as was my backside from sitting on a wooden carriage seat all day as it plodded along. It was strange and exciting not to be surrounded by stone walls. Walls turned to open fields, fields to trees and trees to forest, all in a matter of days.

The days and nights began to form a pattern, plodding along while the sun was up, followed by circling the wagons and fortifying them together at night. It was the fourth night on the road that the pattern changed and I saw what everybody else already knew.

Late that night, walking to the fire with Zeneak Rivenwood the call came up from the barricade, a call to arms that must be answered. We went to the wall, I declined the offered knife in favor of the staff I had been working to fit my hands. The warrior and his shield waited in ambush at the wall and I took up position behind. And even better position after an arrow flew past my head while I cast forth my armor.

The fight was a blur, the first to try and breach out section of barricade met a shield that stopped it. I tried to help, but thrusting with my staff and my lack of combat training combined not even to distract the enemy. Another slipped past to be met by one of the guard.

The time it took Zeneak and I to dispatch the first was the time it took the second to down the soldier. Wounded, it turned on us, reacting beyond thought I cast forth my staff from my hand as I have done many times before as an apprentice. My mind did what my body could not, the staff flew and struck the creature with its full force, staggering it, giving my compatriot what he needed to dispatch the beast with a sword thrust to the hilt through its chest.

The death of these creatures came with a flash that took my sight from me, but the battle was done. And my eyes returned to me so that I might sit the wall while the wounded were tended. Several lives are now owed to my new friend, Zeneak Rivenwood, who has the divine gift as a Magus.

There may be more nights on the road, and many battles yet to come. But I still have hope for my future at Rivenwood Outpost.



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