Building a City

DM Notes

Kingdom Leaders
Councilor: Natale Yules
Grand Diplomat: Malria Yules
High Priest: Anna Valdis (Abbadar)
Magister: Ilinca (Pyramid)
Marshal: Anton Luis (Knights of the Hollow)
Treasurer: Aspasia (Calistra’s Coin)
Warden: Kevin (Scion)

list of other important people
Mouritia: The Green Lady
Rydell: Elven Archmage from thousands of years ago.
Justicar Danilo: Serves on Councilor Illina’s behalf
Naomi Mara: Best Jeweler in Sylvanus Hollow

Council of Beltane’s Hollow
Abjuration: Summer – Elf Wizard
Conjuration: Illina Elf Wizard
Divination: Riku – Elf Sorcerer
Enchantment: Phae – Elf Wizard
Evocation: Sting – Elf Magus
Necromancy: Hextar – Elf Sorcerer
Transmutation: Rinna – Elf Eldridge Knight



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