Reach: Awakening!

Far Reach Awakening

Ezra Stormrider Odessa Rhath

With a start your eyes open as your stomache heaves. You roll over quickly before your stomache empties itself. Your body wracks with heaves, your head pressed against bars.

In the dim light you are unsure how long your body heaves, or how so much is still coming up. An eternity later the heaving subsides leaving only foul emptiness.

Your body finaly relaxes, you are able to take in your surroundings, a cool sea breaze blows through the bars of your cage. The bars themselves seem damp and it takes you a moment to realize they are made from bone and sinew.

Your mind spins trying to put together how you got here. Then your cage shifts. Trying to keep your balance you are hit by a wave of water. Your cage continues to swing as it slowly settles.

Looking beyond the bars of your cage, you see that yours is not the only cage hanging, there are three of them around a square platform. One cage for each side, the remaining side having stairs leading away into darkness. In the center of the platform there is a pole atop of which there is a glowing sphere illuminating the platform, the near edges of each of the three bone cages. Attached to the platform’s three sides near the cages are chests.

Each of the other two cages has an occupant, the one directly across from you is staring at you, while the third, opposite the stairs, is laying.

Farther off, you can see other glowing globes around what must be a small port. On occasion you can even hear the sound of people, but for the moment you are alone with your fellow captive.

Your head aches, your body feels icky inside and out, and something feels wrong, something even more then waking a captive in a cage made from strange bones. You feel a strong desire to be gone from here as if something ominous were looming nearer every moment.



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