Words in the Dark

Something so simple turned out to be something so complicated. I was brought before Algeris Yules, who runs Rivenwood Outpost. He seemed to take an interest in me, right away. It seems outpost life will be even more demanding then I was lead to understand.

I was questioned about any possible benefit I could be to the outpost, I never expected the languages I spoke to be of any use. But it seems they are. The language of those below to be specific. My first hours, not even a roof over my head yet and I was sent to the dungeons to interrogate a darkling. Maybe it is a test, that I must pass, an initiation or trial. I have been told that outpost life is strange compared to the life in a secure city.

I was send to first speak with Parth, who spoke none of the common tongue, nor the language of those below. I would have her at my side for any battle, which seemed her life. She readied the creature and seemed to be my judge for this trial. All I know is what my master taught to me. How to focus my mind, to block out distraction.

With my own mind prepared, I set forth to do to this creature what I had been warned and been prepared for, in case it happened to me. To strip it bare so that it would know its vulnerability. By how Parth treated the creature, I knew it had already been approached head on, so I knew it would be prepared. So I used on it what had been used on me, when I was younger, by my master’s more advanced apprentices. I used calm and I used guile and I did not force the thing into the trap, I let it walk into the trap on its own.

I doubt this creature ever knew a life of its own free will, it likely would die of agony if any tried to give it such a precious gift. It was this weakness I used against it, its acceptance of a life of servitude and the meaning it took for itself from this life, that is what I attacked, what I tore down. My master warned me that it could be done, to tear down a person’s world, through the mind. He told me that I should guard against this always. How little did I believe until today, to see first hand how easily it could be done. And to be the hands that did it, even to a creature such as this.

I hope that I have what was required. This creature that at first was so defiant, so sure of its world, and I shattered that world, watched it crack and then with a single strike, shattered, never to be made whole again. I planted the seeds of a new world, and watched them grow as the creature spoke more and more freely, to me. By the end, I doubt there was any secret left in it, neither do I doubt that had I asked it would have given me its life.

I had thoughts about asking for it, or taking it, but I could not. I do not know if it was a mercy or a new torture. But after all else, to end its life would have been too much. Though if any should ask, I will tell them what they will accept and understand. That I was sent to learn, not to kill, and that I do not presume to know what more Algeris may need of this creature. It is for him to decide.



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