From Letters to Treachery

I had just gotten back from Rivenwood, dropping off Mark for Victoria as I promised. I told her about the ambush from Darklings and Thomas’s unfortunate loss, but she was thankful for the attempt. I decided to keep my mask on, since she’ll most likely react like everyone else I’ve encountered in my life.

The Mind of a Child
Some things are lost too early that can never be retrieved!

Rem and his wife left today. They left Zeneak and I with the prisoner. I am not even sure she is that anymore, she says her name is Major Victoria Black, but major or minor, she should not be allowed to walk around with a weapon.

Zeneak smirked at me when he saw me staring at her majorship. I am not sure why, but I decided to go for a walk so that she would stop staring at me, expecting something from me. Zeneak seems to like her, Rem thinks she is useful if he doesn’t respect her. I don’t know what to do though.

Staring at Rivenwood bothers me almost as much as her eyes on my back. But at least here I can do something.

Reach: Awakening!
Far Reach Awakening

Ezra Stormrider Odessa Rhath

With a start your eyes open as your stomache heaves. You roll over quickly before your stomache empties itself. Your body wracks with heaves, your head pressed against bars.

Building a City

DM Notes

Kingdom Leaders
Councilor: Natale Yules
Grand Diplomat: Malria Yules
High Priest: Anna Valdis (Abbadar)
Magister: Ilinca (Pyramid)
Marshal: Anton Luis (Knights of the Hollow)
Treasurer: Aspasia (Calistra’s Coin)
Warden: Kevin (Scion)

list of other important people
Mouritia: The Green Lady
Rydell: Elven Archmage from thousands of years ago.
Justicar Danilo: Serves on Councilor Illina’s behalf
Naomi Mara: Best Jeweler in Sylvanus Hollow

Council of Beltane’s Hollow
Abjuration: Summer – Elf Wizard
Conjuration: Illina Elf Wizard
Divination: Riku – Elf Sorcerer
Enchantment: Phae – Elf Wizard
Evocation: Sting – Elf Magus
Necromancy: Hextar – Elf Sorcerer
Transmutation: Rinna – Elf Eldridge Knight

Words in the Dark

Something so simple turned out to be something so complicated. I was brought before Algeris Yules, who runs Rivenwood Outpost. He seemed to take an interest in me, right away. It seems outpost life will be even more demanding then I was lead to understand.

A Dark Night to Bond in Battle

The first couple nights my face felt stiff and raw, my hands sore as was my backside from sitting on a wooden carriage seat all day as it plodded along. It was strange and exciting not to be surrounded by stone walls. Walls turned to open fields, fields to trees and trees to forest, all in a matter of days.

The days and nights began to form a pattern, plodding along while the sun was up, followed by circling the wagons and fortifying them together at night. It was the fourth night on the road that the pattern changed and I saw what everybody else already knew.

Late that night, walking to the fire with Zeneak Rivenwood the call came up from the barricade,


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