Esca's Note's


Notable People
  • Yarish: Half elf/fiend sorcerer. Became Friends with him when I first arrived in Beltane 5 years ago. Interested in Magical Artifacts.
  • Arwin: Elf Barbarian. Brother was a Magus of the Pyramid, was secret member of the Ordos of Trinidad. Ended up Killing her brother, but spared her the extreme punishment of death/Castless for being affiliated with them. Is now my slave, though I do not think of her as one.
  • Edrix: Kolbold Half dragon. Was imprisoned by his own tribe for not wanting to be part of their activities. He is now traveling with me,
  • Mother
    • Natari: Copper Dragon, 450 Years old.
      • Storyteller/Lorekeeper, inspired me to go out on my own.
      • Sociable, loves to be the center of attention when talking to others. Excitable and easy to get along with.
        • She is a master bard
  • Siblings
  • 5 Siblings. 3 half sibling Elders, Triplets(Half elf-dragon). Half Sibling Twins(Half human-dragon).
  • Triplets: Age 145
    • Danos: Elder brother.
      • Level headed, Loves the outdoors, well spoken. Ranger/Sorcerer
    • Dara: Elder sister.
      • Protective of younger siblings, especially myself. Cleric
    • Duke: Elder Brother.
      • Stoic, Says very little, though people listen when he speaks. Fighter
  • Twins: Age 125
    • Irlana: Elder Sister.
      • Excitable, loves dancing. Monk
    • Lorela: Elder Sister.
      • Rational, Calm, book smart. Wizard
  • The Triplets travel as a group when one of them goes on an extended trip, as their fighting styles compliment each other nicely. The Twins travel together as well, and every once in awhile will join the triplets on one of their trips, which makes them nigh unstoppable.
  • Ordos of Trinidad: Order of Magus outside of the Pyramid of Magi. They collect magic items and use them without fear of repercussions.
    • Renegade group, punishable by death if found out to be associated with them.
  • Fire Bloom: Tribe of half dragon Kolbolds that imprisoned Alba the Red’s son; using him to make their tribe stronger through the generations.
    • Freed Daratar(Alba’s Son) and sent him to study under Mouritia to learn his heritage and education.
  • Still need to find Tifiri, The so called Kolbold Queen and bring her in for her crimes.
    • She also possess the staff that Ezra is looking for.
  • Twin Sisters were kidnapped by Ettin’s contracted by Tifiri. Wipped out Ettin tribe, and found out where Tifiri is hiding out. Sister’s are staying in Esbat while I go and root her out
    • Tifiri may be following another’s orders
      • She knew who my sisters were, even though she technically never saw me
    • Warned my other siblings, and updated them on the situation
      • Triplets are on a ship to Esbat, will be here in 3 months.

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