Ezra notes


  • Travel with informant to location to find what the black hand is trying to hide.
  • Find a proper library to seek information on Places or objects of power, what could have impregnated Farai, research a way to dispel what ever protection is on Farai’s Pregnancy, and Research possible origins of the Hammer Head Ship.
  • Find out what had happened during the week we were out. Who was the person or thing that had come for us? what had impregnated Farai? Why had they not slain us? they had torn out Jayes Soules’ eyes and consumed his sanity, and possibly pushed back the black hand.. What kind of magics could have caused this?
  • Gather funds for resources. check the rumor mill for opportunities to make money, check with local magi for work, check with factions for work (calistra’s coin, Pyramid of Magus, or some other group.)

Notes and information

  • Vel Ralith is my main contact at Calistra’s Coin.
  • I have made a cleric contact in far reach named Lister. who specializes in sex magic.
  • Willard Shipping company is providing us merchandise to ship and deliver for 40% of the profit. Losing the cargo will wreck our reputation in Far Reach near permanently. Thank you Sir Anthony
  • Found a secret order of unorthodox Magi. symbolized as a sphere with four wavy tendrils coming out of it.
  • Jayes soules was reduced to a mad man blathering about ‘him’ coming. he had taken us away when we were left unconscious. this ‘him’ may have been the cause for Farai’s pregnancy, and i must find him and understand what he had done to her. Jayes is nearly brain dead and his eye sockets need cleaning out, but may be useful sooner or later.

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Ezra notes

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