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Skrivik’Tan is a world of extremes. Every monster in the manual is liable to be there. In this setting the planes of existence are closely bound to the material plane. So much so that there are places called planar sinks where the planes of existence over lap, switching spots between the two. Some say that these places are guarded fiercely by unnatural beings. These breeches between the worlds are said to be gateways from which the gods entered Skrivik’Tan

Every city and outpost is a fortress. It’s a per-requisite to Survival in such harsh lands, without high walls and a good bit of combatants. Any attempt to expand is going to fail, and transportation is done in large caravans to ensure would be attackers are turned away.

Very big families are in demand, nobility is constantly infighting with violent political intrigue as the accepted norm. The society is Matriarch driven and built around caste. Those below nobility are forced into the caste of their mother as the need to have purpose and perfection in your caste is the utmost one can achieve for society.

[The matriarchal/caste society works like this: House/Caste/Gender. A male wizard comes ahead of a female smith, but a female wizard will always come before a male wizard. even if she is lvl 1 and he is lvl 20. Nobility each house is it’s own caste, and the females come before the men. Note the warning. Being nobility comes with complexities.]

Noble houses are made by contributing enough to your caste to effect the entire city in which you will gain title. The lady or lord of that city bestows upon you title, and your entire family is raised to nobility. You are then allowed to garner support to start an outpost, and return resources to the city. Those that contribute the most get high status and position in the city’s society. Those of noble birth are allowed to perfect any hobby they wish to have; because their true caste is leadership and responsibility.

As most older families have solidly secured those resources that make them highly valued, lower families often disrupt and over take their predecessors. Often by violent means, and some by political assassination by the Black Hand itself. The standing of a house is merit based as such. Yet it is this rivalry and ambitious lust that keeps the blades and tongues of the People in Skrivik’Tan sharp.

Outposts are an integral part of societies survival in Skrivik’Tan.


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