Mesret Estate

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  1. Boundary Wall: The wall that surrounds the garden is four rows thick and 20’ higher then the ground outside.
    • (Inside, the garden is 10’ lower then the outside, making getting in easier then getting out.)
  2. Eastern Exit: This stone door is concealed from the outside to be indistinguishable from the wall itself.
    • (Perception: DC 25)
  3. Western Entrance: The western portal has a large brass knocker in the shape of …
  4. The Garden Path: A pebble pathway wends its way through the landscaped garden. The pebbles are shiny and round but otherwise worthless. The do however, make loud crunching noises at every footfall.
    • (-2 stealth checks while on path)
  5. The Gardener’s Hut: This brick shed has a trellis affixed to the eastern wall. A wide lawn stretches away toward the vegetable garden (area 9).
  6. Tool Shed: Rakes, Forks, Spades, Hoes, Pruning Knives, and Sheers hang neatly on pegs about the walls. In the center of the floor are some wooden pegs and a large ball of twine.
  7. Potting Shed: This open shed holds normal clay flower pots in many sizes.
  8. Compost Heap: A heap of rotting material at the end of the potting shed is fermenting into garden compost.
  9. Vegetable Garden: The soil here has been tilled and ordered into neat vegetable plots. Radishes, Turnips, Leeks, Salad vegetables, and onions of various sizes grow in rows about the garden. Each plot is guarded by a scarecrow.
    • (Scarecrows: )
  10. Bee Hives:
  11. Water Garden: Three small artificial lakes have been excavated in this part of the garden, with shrubbery planted on either side of the central pool.
  12. Sculpture Garden: This fork of the path goes around the southern end of the lakes, past a line of statues set on stubby pedestals in the shady corner created by the high boundary wall.
  13. Fountain: A granite fountain spouts water in this secluded corner of the garden.
  14. Flower Garden: This wide yard has been surfaced with a decorative pebble walk that leads west into the garden. Here, bees buzz around the colorful flower beds. The central bed to the southeast a large jumble of boulders. This ornamental rockery conceals a secret trapdoor built as the exit of an escape tunnel (area 29) in case of dire emergency.
    • (Perception: DC 30)
  15. Signpost: A wodden signpost here points northwest and reads ‘Trade Entrance.’
  16. Tower Entrance: This Ornately decorated entrance is the main entrance to the tower. A push-bell rings a bell in the servant’s hall (area 33).
  17. Entry Hall: Thie walls of this wide hall are hung with tapestries of…. A door is concealed behind the tapestry on the northwest wall. Stairs sweep upwards to the floor above. A pair of double doors, decorated with carvings, stand closed in the southwest wall. Four brass chandeliers hang from the ceiling 15’ above.
  18. Trade Entrance: A push-bell is fitted by this entrance, if pushed a far-off chime may be heard. (Coming from area 33)
  19. The Ballroom: This huge ball-room has fine waxed wood floor. 12 crystal chandeliers illuminate, shedding light on the ballroom and its bandstand to the southwest. A conductor’s podium sits on the raised bandstand at the end of the ballroom
  20. Cloakroom: This room has two doors and a small harch at elbow height that looks out into the ballroom (area 19). The walls of the smaller room are fitted with wooden pegs. One of the pegs is a push button. Pressing the button turns the north-western 20′×10′ section of the floor into an elevator that ascends or descends depending on how many times its button is pushed.
    • (Perception: dc 30 to notice button)
    • Push once – Descend to escape tunnel (area 29)
    • Pushed twice – Returns to ground level, does not move at all if already on ground level.
    • Pushed thrice – Ascends to area 36B.
  21. Ladies Restroom: A cameo portrait of a lady on the door proclaims this the powder room. It contains a number of cubicles, a washstand with jug and basin, and a wall mounted mirror, 6’ long by 4’ high.
  22. Smoking Room: This room is furnished with oak paneling, leather armchairs, a couch and a small box of fine cigars (1gp each). The bookshelves to the northeast and southwest contain only popular books of little value. A fire (obviously magical) burns fiercely in the fireplace. A push-button rings a bell in the servants hall (area 33).
  23. Gentlemen’s Room: A cameo portrait of a bearded male indicates this is the gentlemen’s room. It matches the ladies’ room (area 21) in all important details.
  24. Broom Cupboard: This room contains three large pails and mops, a brush, and a broom.
  25. Storage: This room is chock-full of stackign chairs – 180 in all – used to seat the orchestra and guests in the ballroom (area 19). Each chair is worth 1gp.
  26. Mustic Storage: This room is used to store sheet music and lecterns for the bandstand in area 19.
  27. Storage: This room contains….
  28. The Bar: This room holds a long table with a white cloth on which several dozen upturned wine glasses rest.
  29. Emergency Escape Tunnel: The elevator in the cloakroom (area 20) arrives here when its button is pressed once. The escape tunnel runs southeast under the wine cellar (area 30) to a spiral staircase that climbs to the flower garden (area 14) and the trapdoor. It is 50’ below area 20l
  30. Wine Cellar: The cellar door is well oiled. A large wine press sits on the floor just inside the door. Two barrels of wine rest on chocks near the southern corner, while racks of dusty bottles take up the northeast half of the chamber. Bags of household foodstuffs lie scattered here and there.
  31. Kitchen: The kitchen is lit by the flickering light of a large fireplace. A sink and worktop rest against the northeast wall. The fire is magically sustained and doesn’t seem to smoke. There is a noticeable absence of a chimney. Pots and pans sit on flagstones near the hearth. Silverware is stored in the cupboard and drawers beneath the kitchen counter.
  32. Pantry: The cool pantry preserves shelves of bagged and covered foodstuffs similar to those discovered in the wine cellar (area 30). In the southern corner is a covered circular well shaft.
  33. Servants’ Hall: Servants take their meals and live their everyday lives here. A line of bells on the northeastern wall are each attached to the various bell-pushes about the tower. None of the bells are labeled, and it requires trial and error to determine which bell summoned servants to which room. In the center of the hall stands a polished table with chairs. Two cabinets stand against the walls. One cabinet holds soft clothes and a black apron, as well as cleaning supplies. Boot polish, brushes, and more clothes are stored in another compartment. The second cabinet contains fine china for special occasions, a cookbook, three white aprons.
  34. Butler’s Room: The butler’s room is the largest bedroom in the servants’ quarters. A desk in the northern corner holds quills, ink pots, and a corkscrew. The wardrobe contains two sets of clothes. A well made bed is pushed up against the far wall. Under the bed is a small chest.
  35. Servants’ Rooms: None of these bedrooms are particularly interesting. The cook has the luxury of single occupancy. The other servants shared rooms, except for the scullery maid, whose room is the cold, narrow one to the southwest. Each servant had a bed, small chest, oddments of clothing, and a spare uniform.
    • Secret door at the northwestern end of the corridor opens onto a stairway that links up with the emergency escape tunnel (area 29).
    • (Perception: dc 25 notice secret door)
  36. The Library: This room is the main library of the tower.
    • A Double Doors: The stairs from the ground floor (area 17) climb to a pair of doors with brass handles. The doors are sprung so as to close each time they are opened.
    • B Bookshelves: The room is filled with bookshelves, being a library. There are many works by learned writers on the bookshelves in the library.
    • A secret door is hidden behind this portion of shelving, leading into the short corridor to the door of the elevator shaft. Opening the door finds twin chains descending from the darkness above. A button on the wall calls the elevator from its current position if it is pressed three times.
      • (Perception: dc 30 notice secret door)
    • C Stairway Up: This stairway, crowded at its foot by bookshelves, rises 50’ to the level above.
    • D Central Area: While the outer shelves in the library hold more generalized material, the central portion contains books specifically connected with the practice of magic.
  37. Laborium: The stairs from the library (area 36) rise 50’ to this laborium. In the middle of the floor is a well-drawn magical circle. Ranged about the room are stone pillars, 12 in all, that seem to serve only decorative purposes. A trapdoor in the ceiling may be reached by levitation. Just at the top of the stairs is another bell-push that rings one of the bells in the servants’ hall (area 33).
  38. Bedchamber: The trapdoor from the Laborium (area 37) opens into the beautiful wooden floor of the Magus’ bedchamber. The ceiling is also wooden and conical, like the roof. The walls have four glass doors leading out onto a balcony that overlooks Rivenwood and surrounding area. A large bed dominates the room, with a small locker beside it. A bell-push in the floor beside the bed rings down to the servants’ hall (area 33). Beside the bed is a 6′ × 9′ rug. A wooden podium near the south wall holds a crystal ball. A large locked chest east of the podium.


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