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Notable People

  • Vel Ralith: Mentor, taught me everything I know since childhood. Father-figure in Calistria’s Coin. Looks after my daughter when I’m on a job.
  • Veres: Daughter, age 4.
  • Ezra Stormrider: Elven mage, has dealings with my mentor.
    • Has a grudge with the Black Hand, wants to take them down.
    • His Slave girl ended up pregnant while we were unconscious for the week of our capture.
  • Sir Anthony: Strange, handsome fellow. Claims to be from another land. Certainly an efficient fighter. Is the ward for the child that is with him.
  • Ku: Young boy/teen. Found him being beaten to a pulp and rescued him
    • was heavily injured; broken leg, eye swelled shut, bruised and bloodied.
      • Saw his broken leg miraculously heal, briefly saw a white, wispy fluid before it disapeared from sight.
    • Terrified of priests and healers, says “they hurt”, while mentioning his father
      • is his father an actual person or is he hallucinating (inside his head?)
    • has other, older scars on his body, the way they are marked make it seem strange, and not fighting wounds.
      • ritual?
    • took him back to the guild, want to keep an eye on him. he could be connected to this curse I have as well.
      • Vel recommended that i take him as my apprentice in order to keep an eye on him…need to punch Vel for being right


  • Botched job ended up with me being captured and unconscious for a week.
    • After we escaped from our shabby prison,(by a magic boat crewed by ghosts?)I went to go get checked out by Calistria’s priests, making sure nothing was wrong with me.
      • Priestess ended up going nuts during my check up, I disarmed and tied her up and called for help. She then became a vegetable
      • The church says I owe them a replacement, even though I was the one who was conned (they blame me for her madness and death, but they still don’t know what’s wrong with me…)
      • Need to watch out in case something like this happens again…possibly stay away from the guild in case it affects others there. (last thing I need is the guild on my back)
      • Find a suitable replacement, no a better replacement for Calistra’s temple. maybe that will get them off their mystic collective asses and help me.
  • Found Ku and will keep him under my watch, find out more about his healing powers and about his old scars. find out more about his “father”. start training him to defend himself.

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