Rem's Notes

Rem’s Notes

  • Scion force: Total of 1175 men, 1000 marched to Esbat, 175 remained in Rivenwood. 23 were killed by Darkling forces.
    • UPDATE Invading force was wiped out. only the Rivenwood Force remains.
  • Scion city has been in Beltane for the last year, main base is Freemont Tower.
  • Mesret found Memory stone of Rydell Taranis.
  • Found Theadan’s notes from 40 years ago in Fort Panter
    • Extensive studies on dragons, biology, anatomy, etc. Mainly focused on Krix the white dragon: her flight paths, and how to capture her. took every single paper in the hidden room, including his journal from the time he sealed Krix away. should keep these notes to myself for now, bad in the wrong hands.
  • notes mention that Theadan and Magatarius thought Krix’s hoard was at An-nuk caverns, but they did not find it.
  • Theadan’s journal shows evidence that he was part of Ordos of Trinidad, group of mages similar to pyramid but more extremist, gather magic items and knowledge to use them for themselves rather than protect them.
    • Man named Rend in the black hand had a solution to Magatarius’s assassination so Theadan can replace him.
      • Tarshin has a deep roots grove under ground said to breath vitality and life back into the person who drinks from it. Theadan could have used this to extend his life.
      • Deeps mines of Hadettal has rumors of a mana forge of Torag(God of the forge, protection and strategy)
      • through divination he found a lair within The Great Oak that he believes to be Alivander’s Haven
      • Fort Panter has a lesser quicken meta magic rod hidden there
      • staff of enchantment in Mouritia’s tower.
      • blade crystal whet stone located SE Labrys in a hut.
  • Moved Rivenwood settlement to safety in the North, New home at Escana.
    • Been there for 6 months

People of Note

  • Debelzarak: “Debbie”. Wants me dead for killing Bredash, his kin. Escaped from the mines through Teleportation Rune
  • Sergent Major Victoria Black: Our prisoner, may become Mesret’s new slave. Try to get her to be sympathetic to our people. Get her to like us. Set her free, back to Rivenwood
  • Valdemar: Valshal Emissary, I am known to the Lizard folk, and respected by some of the warriors.
  • Osvald: Caravan driver, willing to hire me again for previous services.
  • Anna: Pirate captain, First mate is Neven.
  • Torid: Silver Dragon. Father. Informed me of impending war from Scion’s. Dragons will reveal themselves. They have not decided on who to side with in the coming war(Scion or Esbat)
    • Plans on calling another gathering at the Great Spire after speaking with Mouritia, Krix, and Anthraldane. Gathering will decide which side they fight for.
    • personally accompanied Rydell to two of these planar anomalies while he was still around. also mentioned that the scion city may have originated from these crystal shrines.
    • said that Meserts stone may hold the key to closing the plane.
  • Purple robed elven woman (Roxandra?): found her roaming the Fort Panter ruins with other wild elves. they were looking for Theadan’s journal, but so far unsuccessful
    • found it then escaped after being spotted, and was able to escape them in the forest.


  • Build a Smithy at the top of the mountain in Escana
    • Not far from outpost, still sell wares in town
      • Start by making road alongside mountain
  • Make Gas heated forge
    • Magic protection from heat
  • Have my own mine shaft
  • Find Mana forge of Torag in Hadettal Mines for my smithy
    • Find equally amazing Anvil and Hammer for complete ensemble

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