Outpost for the city of Esbat

In the Country of Beltane

Rivenwood is a small and very new outpost controlled by the Yules family. It is comprised of only one hundred and fifty combatants, as well as fifty residents. To maintain and thrive most settlement personnel take on dual tasks such as guard duty and cooking. Life here is stressful and everyone knows the threats outside the outpost’s walls are very real indeed.

Rivenwood is located west of Esbat, south west of the Fort Panter ruins, and set between the triad of mountains. The immediate area around the fort is lush forests which provide lumber and agricultural resources. The location is distinctly rich in potential as there are three sources of income: minerals, lumber, and possible treasure from Fort Panter which can all be exploited from this base of operations.

Most of the settlers of Rivenwood are apart of the church revering Abadar. they feel it is their holy mission to expand and so they have. The settlement is run by Brother Algeris Yules whom is a decorated priest of Abadar and cousin to the Yules’ family Matriarch.

Rivenwood Is comprised of currently low budget building materials and quick fix fortifications. With the sense of instability and fast grab for land and materials the current standard of living is that of a pauper. those that can not build or afford structured housing sleep in the tent encampment and until stable trade is instated the only goods they can provide are those which they make and sell at Nirillan the Trader’s shop. These of course being the first things the outpost will need to improve upon.
Current buildings in operation include

Military Structures:

  • City Walls
  • Barracks
  • Guard Tower x2

Residential Structures:

  • Houses x20
  • Tent Encampment (for those without housing)
  • Noble Villa
    *Town Commons

Service Structures:

  • Inn
  • Smith
  • General Trader
Rivenwood Excavatory Mines Rivenwood Church of Abadar

There are known dangers to the people of Rivenwoon aside from the ambiguous hearsay of the deep forest’s nightmares. Scouts report the ruins of fort panter have become over run by a tribe of green scale kobolds. Dark Creeper scouts have been captured near the outpost, and their ilk have made open raids upon Caravans attempting to reach Rivenwood. The northern mountain is rumored to be the dwelling of a barbaric tribe of wild elves. what is worse though.. the townsfolk speak of ‘the shadow of Ostara’.. patrols at night are not allowed to pass from view of the city walls. three units of fifteen warriors had simply been lost to the forest to never return already.

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