Far Reach Council

The Far Reach Council

Whenever something spectacular and or mysterious happens the people whisper about the council. Rumor has it that there are 13 members, each immensely powerful in their own right. There have been many speculations as to who is on the council, but nobody has ever stepped forward to claim such a position, and survived.

Most city councils sit and decide on new laws and matters of city prosperity. But not so at the Reach, here the council has one objective, to uphold “The Code.”

Council Positions

  1. “Reach Mother”
    • The Reach is her child and she is said to protect it and punish it in equal measure
  2. “Reach Father”
    • Stern and preoccupied, the Reach’s father rarely takes a hand
    • Few know what will raise the Father’s wrath
    • All in the reach fear his anger
  3. “Arch-Angel”
    • It is said that when the Reach is in greatest darkness, then will it see the Arch-Angel, and the Arch-Angel’s light will guide the Reach out of the darkness once again
  4. “The Demon”
    • For ever light that is cast a shadow must fall and this shadow, every shadow, is the Demon of Far Reach
  5. “The Wand”
    • Said to be the greatest Magus Far Reach has ever known
    • Said to be immortal
  6. “Headsman”
    • Death resides at the Reach
  7. “Flashing Blade”
    • An unparalleled warrior, said to be able to vanquish any foe in single combat
  8. “Fiddler”
    • Said that the music heard sometimes on the wind belongs to the Fiddler
  9. “The Lovers”
    • Passion incarnate
    • Half beautiful and inspiring
    • Half chaos and destruction
  10. “The Shadow”
    • Thief, the Shadow rules the night
    • One with the shadows
  11. “Leviathan”
    • Sleeps at the bottom of Far Reach Bay
  12. “The Child”
    • ???
  13. “The Balance”
    • ???

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